Best Horse Racing Tipster “The Betting Man” Analysis

Smart Betting Club (SBC) just released Latest SBC Magazine (issue 108) that featured reviews of 3 new winning tipsters to help in your profitable betting quest. The highlight is the analysis of “The Betting Man” who is said to be one of the best Horse Racing Tipster you should not miss.

Today, I will introduce this amazing tipster by excerpting the above analysis done by SBC .

Key Points you should firstly be aware of are;

  • this tipster seems to close the membership by the end of December
  • you have opportunity to get the discount of this tipster’s subscription up to 50% via SBC
  • you can receive 20% discount of SBC subscription cost via hidden link

All of the above can be found at the end of this article.

The Betting Man

Profile of The Betting Man

According to;

Lee has been a full time punter for over 2 decades and has a wealth of contacts and experience to add to expert knowledge of the form book and an exceptional work ethic. Like so many of us, getting money on is proving as difficult as finding winners. In response to the current market conditions, Lee has brought the betting man service to the market with an aim of providing a transparent and realistic investment vehicle for those who are looking to make a long term profit from their betting.

With the main principle and theme of the service being realism and transparency, the majority of bets are given from 8.30 am onwards on the day of racing, and the odds quoted are available with at least 3 major bookmakers listed on odds comparison sites.


The Betting Man Achievements


Based on RacingProof record;

sbc the betting man record

Monthly trend;

sbc the betting man charts

SBC says;

The Betting Man service, which since inception back in November 2017 has produced some exceptional results, having made 328 points at 27.2% Return on Investment.
In fact since our original review was published – he has picked up an extra 28 points profit, including a 16/1 winner on Friday, so he remains in red-hot form.
Yet as good as his form has been, as tipster reviewers we always need to delve much deeper than simple headline profit figures to get the real lowdown on how good a service really is – including one of the most vital topics – Odds Movement.

SBC Founder Peter Ling

The Betting Man Performance Further Analysis

The benefits of SBC is that the analysis is not superficial but in-depth, let’s see a bit of those;

Odds Tracking & Movement Analysis
In today’s racing betting world – one thing we must always explore before considering joining a tipster is exactly how fair the odds they quote actually are.
Because if a tipster puts up a bet at 16/1, yet this price is slashed within seconds to 12/1, before going into 8/1 within 15 minutes, then the reality is that it will be very difficult to match the prices quoted. A tipster good in theory, but not in practice.
Therefore, as part of our detailed tipster review process, we run an odds tracking analysis study, which gauges the odds a tipster quotes and how quickly these prices move (or not) over time. Exploring the practicality of following a tipster in the real world.
In The Betting Man’s case we tracked the odds movement of his tips for 2 1/2 months from a group of major bookmakers. Comparing his advised odds with those immediately available upon receipt of his tips, the best odds after 15 minutes had elapsed, at 1030am and finally at SP.
During this 2 1/2 month odds tracking period, The Betting Man had a fantastic time, making a ROI of 54.3% and over 100 points profit so it was an intriguing time to run such a study!
Here are the results of it:

sbc the betting man sp numbers

The key figure to look at here is the ROI Difference percentage as the odds available upon the tips being received were actually 3.2% better than those he was advising.
Suggesting that the quoted odds are fair and actually can be beaten by using a website like Oddschecker to source the best prices.
After 15 minutes the ROI difference is still positive, although only at 0.2% – but still the point remains that the advised odds can be matched as long as betting within 15 minutes.
Beyond that – we did see some movement with a drop of 17.8% ROI down to 36.6% if betting at 10.30am and a 30% ROI drop at SP. The latter is not surprising as no-one should bet at SP these days, but what it does tell you is the edge The Betting Man has over the market.

Odds Findings – Summary
To summarise – it seemed clear to us that as long as backing The Betting Man’s selections within the first 15 minutes, you should easily match, if not beat his advised odds and obtain a similar level of performance.
There is movement come 10.30am although we do have a concern that the drop off in ROI is somewhat exaggerated due to the exceptional run of form during this tracking period.

Another Analysis Using Betfair

Betfair SP Performance
In each review, we also examine the potential profitability of following any such tipster on the betting exchanges, including at Betfair SP after 5% commission is deducted on each winner.
Our analysis indicated that The Betting Man has been very profitable to date backing at Betfair SP with a 37.3% ROI from the 573 bets we were able to match to an external data source (all at 1 point level stakes)
Here is the full comparison of the 573 bets we matched:

sbc the betting man betfair sp

The Betting Man Conclusion

Considering the profit of 328 points at 27.2% Return on Investment & an outstanding Betting Bank Growth figure of 219% since conception, and positive findings of how well the advised odds stand up in the live betting market as well as its profitability at Betfair SP, it’s Must Try tipster in horse racing category.

How To Join The Betting Man

The best way is via SBC (Smart Betting Club) because SBC members are given to save up to 50% on the cost of The Betting Man’s membership in an exclusive deal.

If you are interested in the deal – You Need To Be Quick as The Vetting Man will be closing to new members at the end of December and a waiting list will be put in place. This in order to further protect the odds availability of those tips.

What Are The Benefits & How To Join SBC?

Please take a look at our SBC Full Review in Smart Betting Club Review – Inside Analysis Of Ultimate Sports Betting Method.

smart betting club review image

SBC Hidden Discount Link

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Hope these information will be useful for your extra income.

If you have any question, shoot HERE or leave message at the bottom.

Good Luck.

Joshua Walker – Publisher, GEM – Global Extra Money


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Trustworthy Bookmakers

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